There’s no debate: one of the hottest gadgets on the market today are Smart TVs. They have undoubtedly changed the way many of us watch television. At the end of a long day, how nice is it to have a tv that knows exactly what show you want to binge watch? As nice as that
1 in 4 startups are led by women and as the investors gender gap continues to grow, those who fund female entrepreneurs see greater returns.   It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs have a harder time finding access to funding. However, investors might want to pay a little more attention to female entrepreneurs and here’s why.
What’s the first thing you think of when you hear of a cyber attack?   For the most part, people imagine hackers using lines and lines of code. They’re hunched over systems that resemble the computers in the Matrix, launching super-sophisticated attacks against international corporations and government agencies. The truth, however, is much more simple.
Up until now, one of the best features that came with Gmail was Gchat  – an instant messaging feature that allows you to chat with other Google users or team members. However, Google announced yesterday the service is scheduled to hit the chopping block in June.     But before you panic, there’s good news!
Negative reviews suck.   Whether you’re a writer, a Youtuber, or a business owner, seeing a negative online comment can feel like a punch in the gut. Not only do these negative comments put a damper on your mood, they can also damage your reputation. But you aren’t powerless to angry people on the Internet!
Google recently noted that it has seen a 32% rise in hacked websites.   According to a recent blog post from Google, the number of hacked websites rose by 32 per cent in 2016 when compared to the previous year. The organization stated, “We do not expect this trend to slow down. As hackers get more
For those of you who haven’t been to a farm with sheep or Llamas in recent years, many of them have a large brick of salt for their animals called a mineral or salt lick.   A mineral lick is exactly what the name implies – a mineral deposit that animals lick in order to ingest
We’ve said it many times before; hackers’ attacks are becoming ever-more insidious and convincing. Today, socially engineered malware is commonplace and very convincing. From phishing to whaling – which are targeted phishing attacks – the point is, all employees are potential targets. At Netwyn, we’ve come up with 7 ways to spot a malware-laced phishing
The stereotypical images that comes to mind when someone says Introvert is someone who’s shy, quiet or somewhat of a loner.   We don’t often think of them having the social capabilities of climbing the corporate ladder, but history tells us that introverts often make better entrepreneurs.   Take Warren Buffett, currently the third wealthiest
When you decide to spend your hard earned money on marketing your business online, you probably want to squeeze every valuable cent out of that investment. Small businesses and startups don’t have the luxury of a million dollar marketing budget that large corporations do. We especially know that you’ve probably seen tons of “marketing on