Google has released critical anti-phishing security update to its Gmail app, making it easier for users to protect themselves.     Google revealed the new feature in a post to its G Suite updates blog. “This week we’re introducing a new security feature in Gmail for Android to help you keep your email safer”, they
Slack is about to get a whole lot smarter.   The work chat service just rolled out an improved search experience that basically uses machine learning to find more relevant information, and find it faster. The new feature was built by Slack’s year-old search learning and intelligence group. It’s designed  to help users find relevant
Canada has been at a crossroads for some time now. Look one way and you’ll see opportunities presented from the Digital Revolution. Look the other, and it’s business as usual. Truthfully, ‘business as usual’ is not really an option right now. Times are changing and there is an urgent need for the Canadian market to
Google introduced an app called Trips last year that helps people organize their travel plans and figure out what to do once they arrive at their destination.   About Trips   The free app, available on Android and iOS, will organize your plane tickets and hotel reservations. It even makes personalized recommendations based on your
Canada’s countless inventors, scientists and engineers have changed the world with their creations.   This Wednesday, artists, innovators and organizations of all stripes are standing together on World IP day to celebrate contributions that Intellectual Property Rights or IPRs have made in driving limitless human innovation. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO),  “Innovation
There’s so much noise about social media, that much of it is not helpful. Myths about how and way SMEs should use these networks are can be found just about anywhere nowadays. The information has become so watered down that when people hear about customer engagement and experience, social media is there go-to for feedback and
A new type of ransomware that lets even novices jump into the ransomware game with an easy to use start-up kit   Ransomware is a pretty nasty piece of online crime. Users click an attachment or link, and unwittingly give hackers access to everything; documents, family photos, or even your company accounts. It has rapidly become the
A year after its victory over 18-time Go champion Lee Sedol, Google will once again show off its AI program, Alpha Go, by taking on competitors this May.     Google’s DeepMind AI shocked the world last year when it won in a series of Go against 18-time world champion Lee Sedol. The historic win
In recent weeks hackers have been targeting third-party Amazon sellers; posting fake deals to steal cash. With stolen login credentials, hackers were able to post non-existent merchandise for sale at steep discounts in an attempt to pocket the cash.   How did they pull it off?   This latest attack is a net result from

The Best of Google Next ’17

From March 8-10 2017, Netwyn had the privilege to represent Toronto at Google’s annual Cloud conference: GoogleNext in San Francisco.  We attended the conference both as partners and users of the Google Platform (GCP). We were pleased by all of the new and exciting announcements and developments. It’s always a great opportunity to see how